Unlock Future Yield Today

Unlock Future Yield Today

Access non-liquidating, auto-repaying, 0% interest loans
that give you an immediate advance on your future yield.

Working With

Make your crypto work for you

Build your strategy with Savvy by leveraging without fear of liquidation

How it works_Make money work for you

Choose Strategy

Select strategies from our parter protocols that generate yield such as autocompounders, money markets, LPs, & LSDs.

Supply Collateral

Deposit crypto (ETH, BTC, & stables) into our audited contracts while maintaining full control over your assets.

Spend & Save

Borrow half of your deposit with immediate access to liquidity, denoted in svTokens (svUSD, svETH, & svBTC).

Auto Repay

No interest payments ever. In fact, your debt melts away on its own from yield. Repay with funds in your wallet or with collateral.

Boost Yield

Borrowers and liquidity providers are aligned with veSVY tokenomics. Earn boosted yields and governance voting by staking SVY.

Provide Liquidity

Take advantage of our incentivized svToken stable swap pools by earning rewards for deepening liquidity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Quick Questions

We are here to help you. Reach out on Discord, Telegram, or Twitter.

A synthetic credit protocol that enables you to access non-liquidating, auto-repaying lines of credit.

Collateral and credit lines are denominated in the same unit of account (ETH mints svETH). The loan always stays overcollateralized regardless of market volatility.

Borrowers' deposit into yield-bearing strategies that are integrated with Savvy. The yield generated by these strategies is attributed to the balance of the loan, effectively repaying the loan over time.

We accept stablecoins (DAI/USDT/USDC), ETH, BTC, and some LSDs as collateral. 

As a vital component of the ecosystem, SVY enables DAO membership and unlocks access to the protocol's smart contracts. SVY also serves as a potent dual incentive for liquidity providers and borrowers, fueling the growth of the platform.

Synthetic tokens maintain their peg through three mechanisms:

1. Savvy Swap - Exchange svTokens for base tokens at a guaranteed but non-instantaneous 1-to-1 redemption.
2. Algorithmic Market Operation - Protocol owned liquidity used to automatically balance liquidity pools.
3. SVY incentives - SVY incentives encourage liquidity provision to certain pools.

Since the collateral and credit line are denominated in the same unit of account, the credit line is unaffected by dollar value variability.

Yes, Savvy is audited by Halborn.

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