About Us

What is Savvy

Borrow Like A Billionaire

Savvy DeFi is a decentralized credit protocol that empowers crypto users to unlock their liquidity by giving an advance on future yield immediately, with non-liquidating self-repaying lines of credit.

This type of lending is gatekept to the wealthiest people in the world. Savvy DeFi is built with the interests and philosophy of serving the community with efficiency, fairness, and transparency.

Savvy Team

Meet The Founders


Roman Giler

Project Lead

3x crypto founder. Recovering ex-JPMorgan private banker. Now in decentralized wealth management. Educator in DeFi, NFTs, & tokenomics.

Akshay Gupta

Technology Lead

Tech entrepreneur. Delivered thousands of projects with his consultancy. Computer Science at Yale. Particle Physics at CERN. Meditation practitioner.


Ramsey Khadder

Product Lead

Full stack engineer with product intuition. Builds magical DeFi & GameFi experiences. Worked at Stripe, EliseAI, & Xbox/Microsoft.

Vision & Mission

Building The Savvy Way


We foresee a world where financial freedom and power is for everyone. We believe that smart capital management is the path to a better quality of life. Through this, we will transform the world by giving users the necessary tools to have a healthier economy that works in their favor.


At Savvy DeFi, we want to empower the community to “Borrow Like a Billionaire”, by enabling access to education and tools that weren’t accessible to everyone. We bring a way to borrow against one’s future yield and to rebuild debt as a tool of growth rather than oppression.

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