How to Maximize Fair Launch Rewards


This article will cover how to maximize rewards from Savvy’s fair launch on March 21, 2023. If you are unfamiliar with Savvy, learn more here.

How To Maximize Your Fair Launch Rewards

1.55M (15.5%) SVY tokens will be distributed during the liquidity generation event phase of our fair launch.

SVY returns can be optimized with a redlisted NFT and vesting period strategy.

Redlist Early Participation Advantage & Boosted Allotments

The Fair Launch process occurs over ten days. There is a boost for holders of redlisted NFTS. This boost decays overtime, so there is an incentive to participate early in the fair launch.

  • Participants receive a 10% Boost from Day 1-Day 3.
  • The Boosted rate decreases by 1% each day starting on Day 4.
  • The Boosted rate is 5% from Day 8 onwards.

Redlisted Communities include:

  • Smol Joes
  • Cuddle Fish (@CuddleFishNFT)
  • ChadDoge (@_ChadDoge_)
  • Chickn Farm (@chikn_nft)
  • OOPA (@apa_nft)
  • TapTapKaboom (@taptapkaboom)
  • Pumpskins
  • Cloud Headz (@CloudHeadzNft)
  • Dream Headz
  • Turdao
  • Avasharks (@Avasharks)
  • Platypus NFT
  • Wolfiland (@wolfilandnfts)
  • TheEgoVerse (@TheEgoVerse)
  • Monkeez (@MonkeezNFT)
  • Johnny Avax (The power hour) (@BLiZzABLaZEe)
  • Madskulls(@MadSkullz_NFT)
  • BabySkullz
  • Firat NFTs
  • Cash Cows (@CashCowsMoo)
  • Avax Apes (@AvaxApesNFT)
  • Roostr (@RoostrNFT)
  • Rich Peon, Poor Peon (@peonnft)
  • Farmland
  • Ferdy Fish (@ferdyfishh)
  • Ripperz (@RipperzNFT)
  • Plague Dr. (@PlagueGameNFT)
  • Golden Token
  • Avalanche Muscle Cars
  • Smol Creeps (@Smol_Creeps)
  • Chikn party hat (@chikn_nft)
  • Potions
  • Steakhut NFTs
  • Chad Doge Supers (Vials)
  • Chad Doge Supers
  • DDVS
  • C3
  • HS
  • PNCA
  • WCAT
  • The Pickaxes
  • Sausage Degen
  • Johnny Power Hour — Season 1
  • Johnny Power Hour — Season 2
  • Zoogz
  • Ogerz (@OgerzKlan)
  • Ghostly Ghost
  • Tiny Dinos (@tinydinosnft)
  • Pudgy Penguins (@pudgypenguins)
  • Avvy Domains
  • Galxe campaigns

Vesting Periods

Longer vesting periods maximize your token generation.

  • 0% — 3 Months
  • 2.2% — 6 Months
  • 7.2% — 1 Year
  • 19.2% — 2 Years
  • 47.7% — 4 Years
  • 80.2% — 6 Years

Vesting period rewards are added to your Boosted Allotment:

Total Boost = (1 + [Boosted Allotment %]) * (1+ [Vesting Period %]) — 1

It is important to note that participants can purchase multiple times, each time with a different vesting period.

Use our official tool to estimate your total rewards.

Participate in Savvy’s Community-First Fair Launch

To learn more about how to participate in the fair launch that starts on March 21st (3/21/23), go to Savvy’s fair launch page.

There you should find all the information you need to DYOR. If you have more questions, you can reach us on DiscordTwitterTelegram, or chat via Intercom on the fair launch page:

Website Discord Medium Twitter Youtube Telegram Docs

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