New Savvy Integration – Jones DAO

New Savvy Integration – Jones DAO

We are thrilled to announce that Savvy will be integrating with JonesDAO to offer our users new yield strategies. This integration with JonesDAO will allow Savvy users to earn a yield on their jUSDC holdings by leveraging JonesDAO’s innovative yield farming strategies. The jUSDC vault earns yield by lending USDC deposits to jGLP, a leveraged GLP strategy.

Be sure to check out our recent Twitter Space with Jones DAO to dive deeper into how a Savvy/Jones integration can upgrade your yield farming strategy.

For those who are not familiar with Savvy, Savvy is a platform that enables users to earn yield on their crypto assets by leveraging various DeFi protocols for a non-liquidating, auto-repaying credit line. Our integration with JonesDAO is an exciting step forward in our commitment to providing our users with the most innovative yield strategies in the DeFi space.

At Savvy, we take security seriously, and we want our users to feel confident that their assets are always safe. As with all of our integrations, our JonesDAO adapter will undergo a thorough audit before the integration is live.

We are excited to bring this new feature to our users and offer them even more opportunities to earn yield on their holdings. Stay tuned for more updates on our integration with JonesDAO!

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