Savvy x Vesper Finance Integration

Savvy is excited to announce the integration of its platform with multiple yield-generating pools from Vesper Finance.

Savvy’s platform will now support a range of popular cryptocurrency pools, including AVAX, DAI.e, USDC.e, WBTC.e, and USDC.

Through this integration, Savvy users will be able to benefit from these yield-generating pools for their auto-repaying and non-liquidating loans. This integration will allow Vesper users to earn passive income on their holdings while keeping their funds safe and secure.

As a token of appreciation for the Vesper community, Savvy is offering an LGE Boosted Reward NFT to reward VSP holders and depositors in Vesper-enabled pools. Vesper users can claim a Vesper Fair Launch Ticket here:

With this integration, Vesper continues to position itself as a leading DeFi platform that offers its users yield-generating pools. Savvy is committed to delivering top-notch services to its users and creating innovative solutions that benefit the entire DeFi ecosystem.

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Savvy is an auto-repaying and non-liquidating DeFi lending platform that gives users the ability to get an advance on their future yield immediately.

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