Our Team

Meet The Savvy People

Our team is made up of a diverse array of builders with experience and knowledge spanning across multiple industries and professions.


Roman Giler

Project Lead

3x crypto founder. Recovering ex-JPMorgan private banker. Now in decentralized wealth management. Educator in DeFi, NFTs, & tokenomics.


Akshay Gupta

Technology Lead

Tech entrepreneur. Delivered thousands of projects with his consultancy. Computer Science at Yale. Particle Physics at CERN. Meditation practitioner.


Ramsey Khadder

Product Lead

Full stack engineer with product intuition. Builds magical DeFi & GameFi experiences. Worked at Stripe, EliseAI, & Xbox/Microsoft.



DeFi Economist

Social psychology PhD, computer scientist, entrepreneur. Specializes in social contagion, network science, & computationalmodels of crowds.


Alex Lumley

Product Developer

Ties product with the voice of consumer. Worked across p2p lending, insurance, cloud storage, AI, car shopping, & more. Multiple startup exits.

Anamul Arshad

UI Engineer

Specializes in User Interfaces & Interaction Design serving SaaS companies. Applies his love for art & psychology to make intuitive products.

5th Web Development

Smart Contract & Full Stack Developers

Blockchain development studio, bridging the gap between Web2 & Web3, providing a vast amount of experience & quality.