Our Team

Meet the Savvy Sages

Roman Giler

Project Sage

3x crypto founder. Recovering ex-JPMorgan private banker. Now in decentralized wealth management. Teacher in DeFi, financial literacy, & tokenomics. Organizer of talented degens.


Strategy Sage

Versatile problem solver that architects our roadmap & systems. Built several tech consultancies, shipping hundreds of projects each year. Meditation practitioner.

Ramsey Khadder

Product Sage

Full stack engineer with product intuition. Creates magical DeFi & GameFi experiences by managing the process from ideation to art. Worked at Stripe, EliseAI, & Xbox/Microsoft.

Alex Lumley

Growth Sage

Tying product with voice of consumer. Active DAO lobbyist with substantial soft power. Worked across p2p lending, insurance, cloud storage, AI, car-shopping, and more. Multiple startup exits.

Baran Ozmen

Community Sage

Turkish army knife. Lawyer & entrepreneur. Lectures on web3 & blockchain. Sniffs on-chain & apes into [too] many projects.


Quant Sage

Social psychology PhD & data scientist. Specializes in social contagion, network science, & computational models of crowds.


Pat Tresflames

Crypto Sage

Runs large-scale blockchain development studio. Built over 50 web3 projects, from DeFi to NFTs to launchpads.