Savvy Redlist: Here is all you need to know about it.

We believe in the power of community, so we created the Savvy Redlist, a novel version of an allowlist. We’ve been adding community projects that lead the way in promoting and building a healthy, vibrant web3 ecosystem. By holding a Redlisted NFT, you’ll receive boosted rewards during the LGE phase of our fair launch and will have early access to the Savvy DeFi protocol.

Redlisted Communities

  • Smol Joes
  •  Cuddle Fish (@CuddleFishNFT)
  •  ChadDoge (@_ChadDoge_)
  •  Chickn Farm (@chikn_nft)
  •  OOPA (@apa_nft)
  •  TapTapKaboom (@taptapkaboom)
  •  Pumpskins
  •  Cloud Headz (@CloudHeadzNft)
  • Dream Headz
  •  Turdao
  •  Avasharks (@Avasharks)
  •  Platypus NFT
  •  Wolfiland (@wolfilandnfts)
  •  TheEgoVerse (@TheEgoVerse)
  •  Monkeez (@MonkeezNFT)
  •  Johnny Avax (The power hour) (@BLiZzABLaZEe)
  •  Madskulls(@MadSkullz_NFT)
  •  BabySkullz
  •  Firat NFTs
  •  Cash Cows (@CashCowsMoo)
  •  Avax Apes (@AvaxApesNFT)
  •  Roostr (@RoostrNFT)
  •  Rich Peon, Poor Peon (@peonnft)
  •  Farmland
  •  Ferdy Fish (@ferdyfishh)
  •  Ripperz (@RipperzNFT)
  •  Plague Dr. (@PlagueGameNFT)
  •  Golden Token
  •  Avalanche Muscle Cars
  •  Smol Creeps (@Smol_Creeps)
  •  Chikn party hat (@chikn_nft)
  •  Potions
  •  Steakhut NFTs
  •  Chad Doge Supers (Vials)
  •  Chad Doge Supers
  •  100WEBCHARS
  •  DDVS
  •  C3
  •  HS
  •  PNCA
  •  WCAT
  •  The Pickaxes
  •  Sausage Degen
  •  Johnny Power Hour — Season 1
  •  Johnny Power Hour — Season 2
  •  Zoogz
  •  Ogerz (@OgerzKlan)
  •  Ghostly Ghost
  •  Tiny Dinos (@tinydinosnft)
  •  Pudgy Penguins (@pudgypenguins)

What is a Redlist?

As its name suggests, the “Redlist” is a special version of an allowlist specifically designed for the Avalanche “red koin gud” community. The Redlist is essentially a list of NFT communities that will receive up to a 10% boost during the first phase of our fair launch (starting March 21, 2023). However, this boost will decay over time according to the following schedule: 10% for the first 3 days, then decay of 1% per day until the last 3 days, when the boost will be 5%. This decay means that the earlier you participate in the LGE with a Redlisted NFT, the more effective your participation will be.

When users connect their wallet to the LGE sale dApp, they can see all their eligible NFTs. Selecting an NFT in the dropdown recalculates a higher amount of buyable allotments. For example, if a $200 USDC deposit normally entitles the participant to 200 allotments, applying a Redlisted NFT with a 10% boost increases the participant’s reward to 220 allotments. This means the participant will receive a larger portion of the total allotment distribution, ultimately earning 10% more SVY tokens. Additionally, Redlisted communities get access to utilize Savvy CDPs before everyone else. To learn more about the fair launch, click here.

In addition to Redlisted communities, there are ways to obtain Savvy DeFi NFTs that will give you access to Redlisted benefits. Stay tuned for more information on how to get your hands on these special NFTs!

Why we’re doing a Redlist: 

At Savvy, we are committed to building a decentralized future where everyone has equal access to the goods, benefits, and tools they need to succeed. We believe decentralization is critical to creating a more equitable and fair society. 

The Redlist is a way to support and promote this ethos and foster a healthy and vibrant crypto ecosystem. Additionally, the Redlist is a fantastic way for us to connect with and support the community and acknowledge and reward the projects driving positive change. We want to create an environment conducive to growth and innovation by fostering a sense of collaboration and community.

So, how can a project get Redlisted? 

We evaluate projects based on the following criteria:

  • Promoting and maintaining a vibrant and healthy environment
  •  Pushing Avalanche to its full potential
  •  Having a robust and inclusive culture
  •  Actively engaging with and supporting other members of the community
  •  Demonstrating a commitment to transparency and ethical practices
  •  Contributing to the overall growth and development of the web3 space

If you want your community to be added to the Savvy Redlist and take advantage of these benefits, fill out this form.

We appreciate your interest in the Redlist and Savvy. If you want to join our community, please don’t hesitate to contact us on TwitterTelegram, or Discord. Our team is always available to answer any questions about the Redlist, our whitepaper, or anything related to crypto.

We look forward to connecting with you and having you as part of our growing community!

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